This service is one of the best and if they can't do it they will actually find or recommend someone who can. In addition to janitorial I have had them steam clean carpets, clean out laundry chutes, build storage cabinets and get carpet placed in garages on walls to reduce car scratching on exiting. Thank you Lloyd. Valarie S.
I am writing this review not because I was asked to but rather I wanted to because I am so pleased with their work.  I run a property management business in the city and decided it was time to find a new janitorial company for a couple of our commercial properties.  High Marks was one of the companies that bid for our business and based on their fair price and glowing recommendations, we moved forward with them.  High Marks has been cleaning our properties for 2 months now and I and all my tenants have noticed a significance difference in the quality of cleanliness we are now getting.  The crew is fast, efficient, thorough, non intrusive and most importantly, pleasant.  Lloyd runs the company and has been wonderful to work with.  He is responsive, friendly and goes out of his way to help us resolve any issues even if they are not janitorial related. If you are looking for a new janitorial company, I highly recommend High Marks.  Their name is very fitting. Tammy M.

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